HYPU  Projects & Online  Programmes  2021

Are you aged between 10-14?  or 15 - 25?  Want to do something different during  school holidays?  Yes - Why not sign up for our FREE  Zoom  Online activities:  including: Baking, Arts & Crafts, Enterprise, Street Dance, and much more

Dates:                     TBC
Time:                      11 - 2.45pm  
Enrolment Fee:    FREE                                                                             
Venue:                   Zoom Online
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Media & Music Workshops
Cooking & Essential 
life Skills Workshops
Fashion, Art & Crafts,  Enterprise workshops
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Music Production 
Get your own music to sound more professional


Dates:    N/A

Time:     10am - 12pm


This audio active workshop involves everyone in making music - the instruments range from the usual to the unusual.


Students will learn:


·         How to record Live Audio

·         The Importance of Mic placement

·         About EQ & Compression

·         Tips on how to bring impact to the                        musical  track


The participants involved in this workshop will not only have an amazing opportunity, but will have a creative fun week and come away with the basic knowledge of how to create a musical track of their own​

feb half term 2.jpg

Generation to Generation:
Essential Life Skills for Young Women

Dates:   21 Sept- 2 Nov 2021 

Time:     1.30 - 2.45

Age:       16 - 25

Are you a young mother?  Feeling isolated?  Overwhelmed with day to day life? Yes


This project would be ideal for you.  We have designed this project to teach practical skills while also encouraging women in East London to socialise and build relationships with older women.


Participants will be women aged 18-25.   Sessions will be focused on essential life skills such as budgeting, cookery, sewing and household management.

The project has been designed to be interactive and, throughout the project, older women will be encouraged to share their experiences of financial management with younger participants.

Zoom online event
Baking Made Easy:
Egg less Cakes 

Dates:    TBC

Time:      11 - 12.15pm

This practical workshop introduces you to the art of baking this fun workshop is led by an experienced cake maker and entrepreneur.  The workshop will include: How to make cakes using quality ingredients, how to use professional cake / baking equipment, how to market and sell your cakes.

Zoom Online Event
Arts and Crafts

Dates:       TBC

Time:         1.30 - 2.45pm


Are you creative and like to make unique creations that look fantastic but easy to make?


This workshop is great fun you will have the chance to make

·         Face Mask's 

·         Bandana's

·         Hair Accessories  

Order your free  Face Mask kit by 19 October and receive your very own craft pack containing Materials and Resources - UK shipping only


Then join  us  Monday 26 October 1.30pm (BST) for a free Zoom session where we will be showing you how to  make the face mask 



Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts


Pencil Case
Pencil Case

Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts


Rewind Selector

Dates:       NA


Time:        1 - 3pm

Calling all you up and coming DJs

Learn how to increase your confidence and performance skills using DJing equipment. This fun and exciting workshop will introduce you to the art of mixing, controls & set up, how to cue a track, knowing your music, EQ and filtering, beat matching, and Looping

DJ pic 1.jpg

Dates:      N/A
Time:       1 - 3pm 
Photography for beginners with Photoshop:  Learn how to use a digital camera and Photoshop to process, manipulate and print your images. Gain technical understanding and learn about shutter speed, aperture, composition, lighting and indoor/outdoor work.
You will learn how to:
•         Enhance graphics and photographs
•         Retouch & repair
•         Colour correct & manipulate                                        images
•         Cut out elements/backgrounds
•         Create graphics  ....and much more.

 Make A film Week


Dates:    N/A

Time:      10-12pm

This practical workshop enables students to plan, shoot, edit, screen and discuss their own documentary film, while gaining useful professional skills and new insight into the world of media.

An exciting project using digital cameras and media

Sports & Street Dance

Sports pics 2015.jpg

Zoom Online Event

Step up and  Dance


Date:          TBC 

Time:          3 - 4pm


Learn some cool moves and grooves with our excellent dance teacher. They will show you anything from the basic 2 step, Jazz, Afro beats body popping and teach you a simple routine to challenge your co-ordination.  


A fun approach to keeping fit and developing the connections between your brain and your body.

Two Children In Kitchen Decorating Cooki



Zoom Online Event
Make Your Own Carnival
Head Dress

Date:     TBC

Time:     1.30 - 2.45


Order your free carnival head dress kit by 19 October and receive your very own craft pack containing feathers, gems and more - UK shipping only


Then join us on Tuesday 27 October 1.30pm (BST) for a free Zoom session where we will be showing you how to put the head dress together, plus teaching the significance behind carnival costuming and masquerading in West Indian Culture.

carnival head dress 2020.jpg
carnival head dress  1 2020.jpg

Zoom Online Event


Dates:    TBC

Time:      1.30 - 2.45pm

This session is delivered with high energy, humour and a hard hitting motivational message that will give young people the reality check they need. The session will give them the motivation to succeed in their exams and the goals they have for their lives.

Mr Beezy pic.png
Zoom Online Event

Enterprise Skills

Dates:    TBC

Time:      11  12.15pm


Do you have a fantastic business idea; but not sure how to start?

If the answer is Yes?. Then this is online webinar is for you?


Young People  will gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to:

  • Market a product

  • Pitch for success

  • Set a simple action plan

  • Prepare a budget

  • Start a micro business

Maxine's Bakes

Dates:     N/A

Time:      10am – 12pm

Join Maxine’s Cakes for her ultimate baking battle, take part in a series of technical bakes and showstopper challenges each day Including: Eggless Cakes, Vegan Cakes and not forgetting  chocolate cake for all you chocoholics

Ring 0207 249 4542 for more info and to book places

Clubs & Special Events

Wedding cupcake
Wedding cupcake

Baking made easy
Baking made easy

Liam image 2
Liam image 2

Wedding cupcake
Wedding cupcake


Fruity Craft Creations

Dates:       N/A

Time:        1-3pm

Have fun while getting your five a day  


This workshop will teach you how to make wonderful edible fruit creations into

·         Fruit Bouquet

·         Fruit Trees

·         Fruit Baskets

Using fresh fruit including strawberries, pineapple, watermelon.

feb half term 25.jpg

HYPU Breakfast Club

Dates:      N/A

Time:       9am - 10am

Cost:       FREE

Come early and have breakfast with us 

feb half term 28.jpg
feb half term 24.jpg

Cake Decorating 


Dates:       N/A

Time:         1 - 3pm


Come and have fun and learn new cake decorating ideas and techniques!

The workshop will cover:  Introduction to cake covering, how to make and colour butter cream, how to fill an icing bag and use different icing nozzles, how to cover cake surface using butter cream and decorations and how to make cupcakes.​

Quick and Easy Bites

Dates:    N/A

Time:     1 - 3pm 


learn how to make simple but healthy meals

feb half term 29
feb half term 29

Quick and Easy Bites
Quick and Easy Bites

Feb half term 1
Feb half term 1

feb half term 29
feb half term 29


HYPU Clubs 

Dates:     N/A


Time:      1 - 3pm​

Games: including Chess, table Tennis 

DJing    - Learn how to DJ and mix your beats 

Quick and Easy Bites- learn how to make simple but healthy meals 

Karaoke -  Sing your favorite songs 






HYPU Debate: What about Us

Dates:   N/A

Time:     12.30 - 3pm

Cost:      FREE  Entry and Refreshments

The debate will focus on the future of minority youth, who actively put their efforts into achieving their very best, against the limited funds their communities and youth groups can ever offer them.

The debate will cover topics such as:


Is the system designed for young people to fail?

I go to school, I don’t belong in a gang and I try to do my best, what is there for me?


HYPU Debate
HYPU Debate

HYPU Debate
HYPU Debate

HYPU Debate
HYPU Debate

HYPU Debate
HYPU Debate


End of Project Showcase

Dates     N/A

Time:     1 - 3pm


Come and enjoy the work of our students which will include:


·         Live entertainment 

·         Cake sale exhibition

·         Short films

·         Presentation of student certificates

·         Free food and drinks! And lots more

The Apprentice

Dates:    N/A

Time:     10am - 12pm

Are you motivated, creative, enthusiastic, have a vision to start your own business -  if Yes HYPU is looking for an Apprentice

You will be set a business challenge, to raise as much cash for HYPU charity as possible for a stake of £20 per person or team.  The team that raises the most wins a prize and also has the opportunity to join HYPU to set up their own micro business. 

The final 2 apprentice’s will have the chance to do a pitch for their Micro business to a panel of business people.


Zoom Online Event
Games & Keep Fit 


Dates:    TBC  

Time:     1.30 - 2.45pm


A fun approach to keeping fit and developing the connections between your brain and your body.

Please wear suitable clothing 

feb half term 21.jpg

A day in the life of HYPU

Dates:      N/A


Time:       10am - 12pm

Calling  all you young vloggers -  you will have the amazing opportunity to film your own day in the life of HYPU –  your experience of taking part in workshops, interview your new friends,  a chance for you to shine – the clips will be  put up on YouTube and HYPU website.  

HYPU  Choir 

Led by  Israel Allen  -  UK Voice 2017

Dates:      N/A

Time:       10 - 12pm

Do you love to sing?  Yes - Well this workshop is just right for you

No experience needed just the passion to sing.  You will learn:

·         Basic singing principles

·         Vocal techniques, breathing

·         Warm up exercises

·         Voice projection

·         Harmonies

·         Confidence in delivery and presentation

All in a fun and creative environment – and don’t forget you get the chance to perform at our end of project showcase 

Documentary Film Making

Dates:     N/A

Time:      10am - 12pm

Do you like using new technology or talking to the camera? come to this workshop and enjoy making some short videos and still portraits

I want to be a radio presenter

Dates:      N/A

Time:       10am – 12pm

Are you interested in radio presenting?  Yes.

Have you been itching to jump into personal broadcasting? Yes

Then this is a fantastic opportunity for you

This project will cover:

·         Creating your own Radio show

·         How to get started

·         Should you stream it or Podcast

·         How to  record a show

·         How invite guests artist onto your show

Tips from Guest radio presenters

·         Get involved and create your own radio              shows

·         You could be on air right now! go live or               pre-record episodes and broadcast them             later

·         Invite your friends to follow your show,                share  your episodes on facebook, and                tag and categorize your episodes for                    easy  navigation.

Family Community Event

Sound of the Caribbean and Africa

Dates:  N/A

Time:  10am  -  3pm


Cost: FREE


Have fun with your family while take part in the following workshops:


  • African Drumming

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Games / Competions

  • Stage show - live performances 

  • Free Refreshments 

Family fun day
Family fun day

feb half term 16
feb half term 16

feb half term 10
feb half term 10

Family fun day
Family fun day


Jewellery Making 


Dates:       N/A

Time:        10 - 12pm

Come and join our fun workshop, and choose from a wide selection of colourful beads, sparkly crystals, material, and make your own unique jewellery creation


Hair Dressing
Hair Dressing

Hair Dressing
Hair Dressing

Hair Dressing
Hair Dressing

Hair Dressing
Hair Dressing


Basic Hair Dressing

Dates:      N/A

Time:       10am - 12pm


Want to learn the latest hairstyles and how to keep your hair healthy and well maintained?  If yes then this is the workshop for you - come along and learn how to:

·         Plait hair

·         Create new hair styles

·         How to use a weave cap

·         Good customer care and much more